Kirsten Stendevad is an experienced corporate speaker with lots of timely topics that update your leaders and teams about essential trends and tools for the 21st century.

Kirsten has written five trendsetting books on personal leadership, amongst them a bestseller called Motherhood as a Careerbooster, and has 12 years experience in turning ordinary women into Xtraordinary leaders and role models.

She has spoken at Harvard Business School, MIT, NYU, Microsoft, Novo Nordisk among many others, and is currently writing a book on 21st Century Leadership for the prestigeous Scandinavian Business publisher Gyldendal Business.

Kirstens most popular topics are:

* Work Smarter, not harder
* How to create Synergy between work and life
* The Art of Networking
* 21st Century Leadership
* How to get more Female Leaders for a Balanced Leadership
* The New Feminine
* How to go up instead of down when life presents a challenge.

HereĀ“s a little video overview over Kirstens corporate topics – stay tuned for an English version:

YouTube Preview Image

More on Kirstens corporate specialty – upgrading the Female Talent:

The case for Feminine Leadership: What is the problem with women in business, and the solution?

Kirsten offers a unique training in Feminine Leadership. You can see more about the training in English here. The current program is sold out.

If you wish to contact Kirsten for a corporate engagement, please write to kirsten@kirsteninternational.com or call + 45 31 32 65 64.