Corporate Feminine Leadership Circles

Are you a boss who is tired of investing in a single persons training and development, and have only that person benefit?

Would you like to accellerate the positive change in your company?

Would you like to see more women in your company empowered and fired up about contributing even more than they do right now?

Then it´s worth considering the following unique concept:

Have one or a few of your female talent with leadership potential attend our innovative, wholistic feminine leadership training on becoming a conscious leader for the 21 st century.

And then have these talents distribute what they learned to other women in the company, thus spreading many more ripple effects than otherwise.

Result? Many more female employees will be upgraded for much less money.

Instead of investing in stress-related sick days or less productivity due to outdated work habits, you can invest much less in harvesting a much better result that will benefit the entire company and probably even inspire the male employees!

Here´s the deal:

Step 1: Your female talent with leadership-motivation takes our unique certification training

Step 2: Your female talent takes our mentor-training for leading a circle (it´s short and inexpensive, don´t worry)

Step 3: Your female talent creates a network inside the company of 12 women who would like to participate in her feminine leadership circle. You can help her gather relevant participants by broadcasting this option to your employees.

Step 4: Your female talent leads a circle for 12 weeks, following a tested-and proven detailed manual delivered by Kirsten Stendevad.

In order for this circle to be as time- and cost effective as possible, the intra-network meets on mornings in order to not take up too much of the workday. It could be Monday mornings from 7-10 am fx. Before a meeting, the participants will have familiarized themselves with “topic of the week”, which could be “simplify to reduce stress”, “how to be more effective”, “work-life balance” or the like. The topic will be taught by Kirsten Stendevad through digital media, and delivered in a form, so that participants can easily access the inspiration from their mobile device, so they can upgrade their mindset and skills while on the run, to and from work.

In the meeting, the partipants train what they have learned and receive guidance from the certified feminine leadership leader. They will do the suggested exercises to get a personal, customized experience of the material, and they will get much needed time for reflexion through exercises, so they can walk out from the gathering and work smarter, not harder.

If you are interested in this model, please contact for more information.