Corporate Home study program


We know what a woman needs first and foremost: Flexibility! And to be reminded of her own wisdom while she is on the run and doing a thousand things.

Therefore we have developed a home study kit for women who are not (yet) ready for a full certification training, or who just want help to stay on Feminine Leadership track.




Here is how it works:

When you sign up for the program, you get digital material delivered in your inbox, complete with microsteps the learners can take to implement the tips. The material is paced, so people don´t get overwhelmed. And it´s downloadable so it can be used on the way to and from work, or in a short break at work.

We include many small, but efficient exercises to help participants work smarter in ever way.

Here is what participants say about our digital inspiration sofar:

Just love that the material comes to me, just when I need it!

Love that you help me GET more energy instead of taking it, like traditional learning does.

I get so uplifted every time – love that the videos are so short that
I allways have time to see them. Amazing what you can
communicate in one small minute!

See samples (In Danish) in our Feminine Leadership Starter Kit.

We are in the proces of innovating this product, so it can serve your needs even better.

Tell us what you would love to get from our new home study program, and we will meet your needs.

Please write to with your desires and suggestions.