“Being part of Kirsten Stendevad education in Feminine Leadership has made a huge difference for me – both as a woman, leader and mother. I’ve got tools to reach and achieve more – without fussing more, and even with renewed energy and inner peace. I have succeeded in creating a meaningful and energizing career without compromising the private life I want. I have found a beautiful balance and synergy. This is because I have learned to bring new aspects of myself into the game, my feminine resources such as intuition, trust and inner focus – and use them as a supplement to the virtues on which business today is largely based. Virtues like fast-paced, action and focus on result. Not alone have I grown, have more energy and feel happier – I also create better results without having to work more, and those around me blossom in new and beautiful ways.”

HR-leader Anja Westy Larsen from Kastrup Airport

Testimonial from the boss who sponsored Anjas Feminine Leadership training:

“I have worked with Anja for almost four years and had the pleasure to see her deliver every single time I’ve put her on a task. Besides, I have had the enormous privilege of seeing her unfold as a leader over the past year and a half. She found out that as a leader, she may well achieve results without necessarily being in control of everything. She gives more space for her team and focuses on creating direction and assembling the pieces into a single puzzle rather than to have control over and check all details on each of the pieces. Anja seems more calm, balanced and sure of herself, she has become better at choosing her battles carefully and use her energy where it really matters instead. For me it has always been great to have Anja as an employee, because I have been able to trust that she achieves results. She still does, and I can see that her employees also think it is great to have her as a leader, which allows us to achieve even better results in the future. Most importantly, she seems more happy and full of surplus, which makes her even more amazing to spend time with.”
Peter Hansen, Director of Human Resources and Work

Testimonials from colleagues to Anja who took the Feminine Leadership training
“I feel that you have found more peace in yourself as a person – and manage to relinquish control. Everything doesn´t need to be “perfect”. This is also reflected in you as a leader, where there is much more trust and leeway towards the result. This can be seen by “go do” attitude, where you will find peace in that you do not know all the details – but has confidence that we’ll reach the goal anyway.”

“I think you radiate more strength and confidence, which means that it is incredibly nice to be in the company of you. You inspire in my what a leader should awaken, namely companionship. I see you as a woman who is more confident in herself. I see you also as a more open and honest, sometimes wild, which suits you.”

“I experience a greater peace in you. And an ease that I have not seen in you before. A lightness which is also reflected through the way you go for your life. Now small challenges remain small. Consequently, you have more energy for yourself and your surroundings.”

Testimonials from other participants in the Feminine Ledership Training:

“10 months under Kirsten Stendevads wings, has moved me more than I together have done all my life. And so even with FUN ;-)
Feminine Leadership participant 2011

“I can not describe enough how happy I am that I joined Kirsten Stendevads course in Feminine Leadership!
Feminine Leadership participant 2011

“Now I really feel in all situations where an insane amount of good tools and insights I have from training in Feminine Leadership. It’s the wildest I have experienced in my life. In such a short time learned so much, understood so much promise, realized developed and settled. And to think big, see how you can grow, and see my communicated to act evolve and travel towards their life purpose. I was half night and stoned it. I guess you could hardly put it. Totally unbelievable, and forever thanks to Kirsten Stendevad for having created it and even made it first.
Feminine Leadership participant 2011

“I’m totally transformed, and thanks for that!” Careerwoman from large Health Organization

“My expectations were to get inspiration for getting motherhood and work to go together in a better way. The training has has made me transform my entire life into a Goddess life – I now take leadership in all aspects of my life “

Career woman from public organization

“Before I was often tired, drained of energy, dissatisfied, easily frustrated. I did not feel that I was sufficient neither on the job, as a mother or girlfriend and I often felt guilty. During your training, I learned to have control over my energy center, so I can now decide if I will be tired and sour or exuberant and happy. Kirsten offers a lot of different tools, and they work!”

Careerwoman from public institution

Testimonials from other corporate sources:

“You were clearly the most inspiring and thought-provoking throughout our seminary days – I am filled with new input and ideas! Thank you “
 PA for a partner in McKinsey & Co.

“Thank you for a lovely evening in your company. The participants were quite fond of you and your way of making the topic so easily understandable and applicable. You added a lot of freshness with your sweet creature, your presence and your openness. We will now use your exercises for every event.”

Lecture Organizer in network for business women

“It is not least thanks to your talks here at DONG that have contributed to the fact that I have finally embarked on what I really love doing. I am very grateful for the impact you have had on me through your positive mind and your support for me personally and for us women in general. “
Executive secretary DONG

“Glad to see you again. Our member M.R. completely changed her life and business after hearing your lecture in Odense. You really have the ability to do something very special: O) Business Manager from professional women’s network

“It was indeed a great pleasure for us to meet you and hear your VERY inspiring speech. I was so motivated after the meeting that I already at home last night did one of the exercises and felt that I was much more present with my family. It was some amazing and useful tools you gave us. They work! I’ve only heard lots of positive feedback from the rest of the group too. “

HR- leader Novo Nordisk about networking event for women from the Executive Department.

“You got by far the highest evaluation: 5-figures from participants on the scale 1-5! Well done.”

David Madie, CEO. Startup Company