What is an Xtraordinary Corporate Person?

by admin on 24/10/2012

The ordinary corporate person is an employee who is not particularly passionate about his/her job, and tends to feel like a victim of him/herself and his/hers more or less random choices in life. He/she also feels like a victim of other people and their patterns: the boss, the colleagues, the company, the government, the spouse, the kids, the friends etc.

Most people have at least a tiny bit of this tendency. Put it this way: as long as everything goes well, you might not notice it. But who are you in the face of challenges? Who do you become? Who do you blame? Do you react, or respond?

The ordinary corporate person sometimes tries to get away with doing as little as possible, often gets overwhelmed and stressed, and regularly experiences feeling inadequate, insecure and unsatisfied-for-no-reason. Again, this might not be clear at the job interview, but often reveals itself in the long run, or when the person is under pressure. It doesn´t mean that the person is stupid, slow or a bad employee. It just means that the person is an ordinary human being in the second decade of the new millenium!

The Xtraordinary Corporate person is someone who has chosen to take Leadership:

- Leadership for his/her own mood(swings)

- Leadership for his/her Energy, knowing that it both affects the quality of the work and the people around him/her, including the customers.

- Leadership for Transforming what doesn´t work

- Leadership for Controlling the Controllables

- Leadership for Making the seemingly impossible possible

- Leadership for being, or affecting, the Change one wants to see

- Leadership for getting the job he/she is most passionate about

- Leadership for contributing to the Whole, both at home, at work and in the world

- Leadership for unfolding his/her full Potential, however many hours of training, coaching, meditation or studying it may take

- Leadership for contributing to the “triple” bottom line: Financial, Environmental and Social.

The Xtraordinary Corporate person has a sound balance between yin and yang. You can see in this illustration what happens when we don´t have this balance, and what happens when we do:

The Xtraordinary Corporate person lives her/his calling, works smarter, and contributes to the whole in sustainable ways.

I train women to become Xtraordinary Feminine Leaders, but I also do workshops for men or mixed groups. And it is so inspiring to see, that everyone holds the potential to become an Xtraordinary Corporate person, including the natural happiness, fulfillment and inner peace that is a result thereof. I think of myself as a midwife or facilitator reminding people of the Xtraordinary Essence they have inside, but often forget in the daily hustle and bustle. I totally recognize how easy it is to lose this sense, because I have done it myself so often.

However, I am conviced that the time has come for the Xtraordinary Corporate person to come forth. You are so needed on this Planet.

The time is Now.

You can read more about my corporate Leadership program here.

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