Xtraordinary Solutions

Got a problem?

I´m your excellent partner at brainstorming a solution. I´m a visionary able to see potential where others see black holes and closed doors.

I can coach, mentor, heal or just plain and simply inspire and motivate you.

I can assure you that you will leave the session a different person than when we started.

I see your Greatness until you live it.

Some of the Testimonials I have received:

“What have you done??: It works!”

“This is the best coaching I’ve experienced …”
(said by a psychologist, who is also trained in holistic methods)

“Evolutionary coaching Kirsten Stendevad, has given me the experience that all obstacles can be transformed just as easy as flicking from one depressing movie channel to a happy and bright full movie channel. It’s about what I see – and I have experienced that myself completely beyond their control. Think that it is so simple .. “

“I am completely overwhelmed by Kirsten precise and empathetic coaching. What I got from her is so far-reaching and “spot on”, and even the input I in the first place could not see how fit, has proven to be absolutely true. I feel as if she for awhile put herself completely into my world, and at the same time she saw everything from a higher point of view.“

A session is dkk 2500 ev VAT and you can book it here, and schedule it by mailing info@kirsteninternational.com with your three preferred times.