Did you also become an entrepreneur because you wanted plenty of freedom in terms of time and money, and max fun? Do you also want to make a positive difference in the world, even save it?

And do you find yourself working hard with results that seem mediocre compared to the potential you sense you have? Are you exhausted from trying to do everything yourself, frustrated about your work-life imbalance and tired of the lack of stable, continuous monetary flow?

Then you are not alone. Far from. In fact, most entrepreneurs spend their entire life in that situation. It´s stressful, depressing and unfulfilling. And so not necessary.

In 2007, I had been a solopreneur for a few years, and while I had the luck of being successful from the start, my time was booked and my income unpredictable. So I decided to educate myself about money and business in order to elevate myself and my business to a new level of worryfree financial flow and true freedom.

I travelled the world to study with the best teachers, business people and spiritual masters in order to lead my business in a new way that was in alignment with my soul´s purpose and values, aswell as in integrity with my feminine essence.

I co-wrote a bestseller, The Millionairess Method, and co-founded The Millionairess School, where I inspired thousands of mostly female entrepreneurs to organize themselves and their businesses in new ways, so the result was more time and more money.

The programs have now evolved into a new version where the focus is to take yourself and your business From great to Xtraordinary in one go.

Want Sustainable Success with Pleasure? Check out these opportunities to grow together:

Xtraordinary Entrepreneurs (in English)

Xtraordinary Entrepreneurs Online (in Danish)

You can also participate in my Feminine Business Masterminding Network (in Danish).


I look forward to meeting you on- or offline.

To the Xtraordinary in you and your Business