Business Success – the Feminine Way

October 2, 2013

At the yearly Danish Business Conference for Entrepreneurs, I did a talk on Business Success The Feminine Way with designer Dea Kudibal. You can watch it here: The talk is in Danish, but you can meet us in English on the other blogposts on this page. I recommend checking out Dea Kudibals wonderful clothes – the dress I am wearing is from her collection. The mocca leather pants are from one of my other favorite Danish design brands, Lanugo. Did you get curious about the biggest Scandinavian Business Event for Entrepreneurs? Find out about Elevate here. If you want to check out Kirstens other offers for entrepreneurs, such as the […]

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A must-attend for Passionate Scandinavian Entrepreneurs

July 31, 2013

I am proud to be part of Thomas Rex Frederiksens and his Speakers Clubs team for this Xtraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime Scandinavian event: Elevate. It´s a unique opportunity to: 1) Network with passionate Scandinavian colleagues 2) Learn from the Best in the Field of Personal Business 3) Get Updated Business Inspiration and Tools without having to travel as I have done so many times myself in order to learn from Masters. Until June 24 you can even get early bird discounted prices. It´s allmost too good to be true… Hope to see you then. Read more here. To your Sustainable Success with Pleasure Kirsten

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The Soul of Money

June 20, 2013

I really like Lynne Twists take on money. She brings nuances to the often over-simplified or over-dramatized notion of money, and adds important pieces to the puzzle about how we can create a world that works for all. Plus she is a great example of an Xtraordinary leader. Enjoy her lecture at Stanford Business School here: And if you only have 10 minutes, you can watch her here: In all my programs, fx the new Feminine Leadership training, I aim at practising soulcentered approaches to all areas of life. I also support business events that operate in this new field. I think that together, we can create new xtraordinary paths […]

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Tips til at håndtere business- og pengeudfordringer

April 22, 2013

Når du ikke oplever økonomisk og forretningsmæssig succes, får du så følelsen af, at der må være et eller andet forkert ved dig? Sådan kan man godt opleve det, når man kigger på veletablerede virksomheder, eller – som det skete for mig hele tre gange for nyligt – får en bordherre, som er administrerende direktør for af de hurtigt voksende succesvirksomheder, der beskæftiger 30-100-2500 medarbejdere.   Har du prøvet at kigge på sådan en gazelle virksomhed og tænke: ”Hvad pokker  er forskellen? Er det fordi jeg er for ung, for gammel, for feminin, for maskulin, for flittig, for doven, for kreativ, for konservativ, for visionær, for reaktiv, eller hvordan kan […]

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Meet An Xtraordinary Feminine Entrepreneur: Dea Kudibal

March 1, 2013

Want to join the full program and become a role model yourself? Read more here about our unique offering, including Xtraordinary Individual Sessions with Internationally acclaimed Xperts. Or here in English. The program is offered in English. If you want a solid Feminine Foundation to jump from, check out the homestudy kit Feminine Curriculum 1 (currently only available in Danish). To your Sustainable Success with Pleasure. Kirsten

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