I have now followed Kirsten’s work as a mentor for women entrepreneurs for 4 years, and for every meeting with her, I have grown – both personally and as a business woman.
Kirsten is both sharp at analyzing your current standpoint, dilemma or problem, and asking you the right questions. At the same time she also reads everything between the lines, and guides you gently through your old beliefs and blockages which you often do not even know you had. She sees right through you in the most loving way I have experienced, and you finally recognize your right place in the world.
I’ve felt so confident in Kirsten’s hands, which has made me dare to play bigger, because the combination of business talent, personal commitment and sincere intention to create a better world has been present in everything she does. The loving but firm kicks, she gave me with her high heels, has really taken its toll, triggered tears, smiles and a sea of ​​bubbles when I proudly achieved one goal after another. If you want, she takes your hand and guides you to the place where just YOU feel at home, but the work and the responsibility is yours.
Choose Kirsten Stendevad as a mentor, if you dare, if it’s YOUR turn to shine, and if you are done with holding your gift to the world back. In eternal gratitude,
Merete Løvgreen
Developer of Language in Motion

I was one of your mentees in 2011. I always get HAPPY when I think of you and want to say a few words about you to the world:

Kirsten Stendevad has an amazing ability to communicate, inspire and walk the talk! She is a lovely, humorous, intelligent and charismatic person who really has something to say – and can communicate it! She represents a revolutionary and innovative way to lead ourselves and the world. So if you want to add something new and exciting to your work, your career and your life, then you are in the right place. I can only give Kirsten Stendevad my very best recommendations as a mentor and coach.
Izabella Pedersen
Wellness & Feng Shui Consultant

I am happy and grateful that I followed my inner life Guide, which led me to you. You are really good at “spot on” knowing what is going on in the group and the individual participant! You ask great and deep questions that make us reflect on what we are struggling with that is stopping us in our business, and how to move beyond it. Your ability to see opportunities – both personal and business-related, with those you mentor, is formidable.
In addition, use your “spot on” ability to make good and positive energy exercises, just when we need it. You are excellent at raising the energy of a group.
I am also full of admiration for your ability to also tackle life’s difficult moments with as much pleasure, love and unstoppability as possible.
I am really looking forward to the journey, I’m going on with you in 2013. Thank you for everything you give!
Annette Køster,
I have participated in one of Kirsten former mentoring programs for entrepreneurs and really appreciate her presence and leadership. She has a wonderful energy and clarity around her, and I see her as a great motivator and inspiration in her field. Not least, I am impressed with her spirit and the fact that she is always accommodating when you contact her. Kirsten is a woman with everything: head in the sky and feet on the ground who makes things happen and she is AUTHENTIC – it’s beautiful. Great role model.
Tine Kaalund,

I’ve really been excited about my journey with you as a mentor. You have given me the courage to keep going for my vision. Your experience and perspective has been a huge help when I have found it difficult to distinguish between which hurdles I can avoid, and which challenges I need to face. Before I talk to you, my head is filled with doubt: What signals should I listen to? – And what is the essence I should focus on here? From having a variety of uncertainties filling up my horizon, I can go from meeting with you focused on one single challenge, because the others simply vanished.
Thank you Kirsten!
Sanne Olesen
www.mysterymakers.com (Denmark’s best entrepreneurs from the creative industries 2012)