Xtraordinary Solutions

Are you an entrepreneur who is stopped or slowed down in your business?

Do you get confused about what to focus on?

Do you find yourself thinking too small, or get overwhelmed by thinking too big?

How´s your bottom line? Healthy? Could it need a little boost?

Could you use a knowledgeable external eye on your business?

Could your use some creative brainstom with an experienced entrepreneurial mentor & visionary? 

Work too much while earning too little?

Want to put the feminine back in Business, for more inner & outer success plus more contribution & freedom with pleasure?

Then book a session with me.

I sparkle with good, timely ideas, and I´d love to help you see your Genious and Unleash it so you can enrich the world on a larger scale and earn a good income in return.

If you would like help, please contact us at info@kirsteninternational.com and my assistant will help you schedule a 60 minute session over skype.

Sample testimonial:

I have many tenacious belief systems in me:  that I don´t deserve, I should have…, I´m not entitled to…
For example. I have been convinced that the less I cared for myself and the more I pushed myself, the more the cause I was passionate about would succeed.
I am very, very happy about the mentoring I have received from Kirsten which has helped me reverse these deeply rooted patterns.
I am now integrating my feminine side – and it affects all areas of my life: I now have more pleasure, more joy, more sensuality, etc..
It is a great help to have Kirsten as a guide and role model on the road.
It´s like I have benefitted from bathing in a stream of “new feminine power” that Kirsten is like a channel for.
It has also been deeply touching to witness how Kirsten has dealt with challenges on her own path, like her sons deadly disease.
She is a true and real example of what it means to bring heaven down to earth. It shows so many threads about the new era – and gives hope to so many.
Karen Nørskov, Center for dialogical integration