Feminine Leadership Training In Danish

We offer a yearly 9 month live, intensive, comprehensive Feminine Leadership training for women who want an upgrade on all levels, professionally aswell as personally. The training is called Global Goddess Leadership.

Some of the positive feedback we have received from participants in this program:

* 10 months under your wings, has transformed me more than everything else I´ve done in my entire life ♥ On top of it while having FUN;-)

* I can not describe enough how happy I am that I signed up for this course!

* I can really feel in all situations what an insane amount of good tools and insights I have from Goddess School. It’s the wildest I have experienced in my life. In such a short time having learned so much, understood so much, realized so much, elevated so much, developed so much and let go of so much. And to think big, grow, and see the rest of you develop in so many ways and witness you unfold living your life purpose. I was awake for half a night contemplating this. I guess it´s not possible to comprehend. Totally unbelievable, and forever thanks to Kirsten Stendevad for having created this program and walked the path herself first ♥

See description of the program, more testimonials and videos here.