Feminine Leadership Training In English

We also offer our unique Feminine Leadership training program in English. Participants join in from all over the world. Most come live for at least one session to meet the other participants live and then take the rest of the (videorecorded) training from the comfort of their home. Some join us live for all 13 live day trainings.

This innovative, comprehensive program lasts 9 months and gives you access to:

- Cutting-edge tools and suppport for upgrading yourself, your career and your life on all levels

- Cutting-edge tools and support so you can publicly demonstrate leadership in an area of your choice

- A unique and comprehensive opportunity to get initiated into the neo-feminine power sweeping the world as “the new black”,

- As a professional, become a master at the perspectives of the new masculine/feminine so you can better coach and mentor your clients, patients and colleagues, with new distinctions that bring about clarity and  new possibilities in all areas.

- As a professional, learn how your BEING in a new way influence your DOING and your RESULTS. We are enlightening ourselves about the root causes of our experiences, thereby becoming able to powerfully change our external circumstances, both at home, at work and in the world.

Some of the testimonials we have received from participants:

- Dearest Kirsten. You have really touched me and made life more beautiful in your pure being and way of being in life with strength and vulnerability in perfect balance. Your indescribably beautiful leadership and allways choosing the Light surpasses anything I have experienced before.

- No courses in the world could in any way have given me that which you have given this year. The journey we have taken together this year more than clarified everything that you stand for about femininity, leadership, enjoyment, beauty and vision. I am confident that this team of goddesses all will transform faster than ever before. I certainly do. My life puzzle has fallen into place, and I’m happier than ever, just to be.

 Wow – this morning’s session was so incredible to me… Kirsten you are truly a goddess leader and a divine inspiration for this planet. In looking at the whole journey, the timing of each event both personally and within the group is awe-inspiring to see. It is so amazing to be a part of such a paradigm shifting experience and in such an awesome group of women.

- Thank you a thousand fold for all the lives you touch. I feel so fortunate and grateful for being your goddess student. I cannot tell you how you have affected my life and my perspective on myself. The work you do is truly unique and a gift to humankind.

- I am humbled and honoured by your openness and sharing of your very personal journey. That you continue to share beauty and grace no matter what is unforgettable and exemplary leadership. It teaches me that Goddess leadership is applicable anytime anywhere and much needed in today’s world. Infinite gratitude and love to you Kirsten.

The training is highly relevant for expat women and for other women who want to make a difference in the world – their own and the big one.

Please see all about the training, including more testimonials and free samples here.