Meet an Xtraordinary Man: Astrologer Derek Seagrief

by admin on 11/04/2013

Standing at a crossroads in life? Wanting some inspiration from the outside? Then you might want to look up a wise person with a deeply informed perspective on Life (and Death). One of the people I have recommended to countless friends is astrologer Derek Seagriff, who lives in Copenhagen (but is English speaking and does sessions over Skype too). Derek, admittedly, does not spend much time updating his webpage, as his business is thriving without any other kind of marketing than word-of-mouth. What he does spend his professional time on is studying, travelling, teaching, writing books – and giving individuals and businesses consultations using his impressive astrological knowlegde and his sharp intuition.

I´ve had surprisingy precise and informative sessions with Derek, so I am one of the many who recommend him. Not least in times of crises, his support has been invaluable. This time, however, I went to see Derek to interview him about “Feminine Archetypes” for my home-study-kit, Det Feminine Curriculum 1.

We talked for 1,5 hours about the refined mechanisms of a womans body, mind and spirit. So fascinating!

You can see a small excerpt here:

YouTube Preview Image

Get access to the entire interview as a bonus when enrolling in Det Feminine Curriculum 1.

Until 15.04.13, you can take advantage of 50% off the price by using the code Gudindeskolen10jubi in the shop.

Get in touch with Derek for an individual session by calling him at + 45 23 81 76 18

(No I don´t get a commission, but I like to share the good news that I find with as many as possible). Please pass on my warm regards!

Love, Light & Lipstick


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