What does “From Great to Xtraordinary” mean?

by admin on 25/11/2013


Here are some examples of how the paradigm shift we are heading towards could look like, at home, at work and in the world:

At home:

- Don´t get angry (ordinary) – get Wise (Xtraordinary)

- Don´t be career-confused (so 20th century) – find and live your true Calling (Xtraordinary)

- Stop being stopped by self-sabotage (ordinary) – use the gift of it to take Quantum Leaps (Xtraordinary)

- Don´t keep Happiness from your door with relationship problems (SO ordinary) – let the challengers be Gurus that guide you back to your own wisdom (Xtraordinary, and a lot more Peaceful)

At work:

- Don´t waste your precious life on stress (awfully ordinary, and very dangerous) – transform it into Creativity & Productivity (much more fun, rewarding & Innovating)

- Don´t work so hard (so industrial century) – get the results you desire, and beyond, through the power of Inner Career and Networking (with so much more Pleasure)

In the world:

- Don´t do Business just to make money (only) – Change the World for the better (probably the only way to succeed in the long run).

What used to be Xtraordinary is displayed by more and more people all over the world.

Xtraordinary could be the new ordinary

- if we want.


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