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bookMost businesses initially book me for one of my signature talks or transformational workshops. Most often, I talk for both men and women, but I am also booked by CEO´s, Advisary Boards, HR-leaders and Team-leaders who either want to understand women better, or to do something to strengthen and retain the female part of employees.

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After a talk or workshop, it is obvious to follow up with online training, to implement the new mindset and transformational tools. This is why I create corporate online kits, which are tailored to answer specific needs, i.e. the need for work-life balance, stress-management, creativity etc. The home-study kits can be custom-made to suit the individual business, complete with company logo and employee-access to closed company “Online Sanctuary”.

Blounge My signature product is the online training for ambitious corporate women who want to take leadership and increase their influence, even move to the top, with less stress, more work life balance and integrity with their feminine essence. The product is ideal for busy business women, because they can take in the material on the run, apply it effortlessly, and enjoy immediate results. Users of the home-study kit will be connected to other users in a closed Facebook-group so they can network with each other. Read more about The home-study kit here.
5_circles To increase the effect of the online training is also possible to use the home-study kit as a group in the company, and add on network meetings with a facilitator or Kirsten herself.Read more about the network group training here.
1_corporate For Corporate women who want to become Innovative, Transformational, Inspirational, Vocational, Visionary and Evolutionary Feminine Leaders, it is obvious to take our unique Corporate Feminine Leadership live training, which includes an international network of like-hearted women, individual mentoring and a very comprehensive toolkit for creating positive change.Read more about the Corporate Feminine Leadership live training here.
indivisession It is also possible to book a 1:1 session with Kirsten, if you need a fresh perspective, a genious brainstorm or a customized toolkit to help solve a particular problem or take yourself to the next level. My area of expertise is how to take personal leadership, how to transform stress into creativity and productivity, how to create work-life-synergy and how to take quantum leaps through networking.Read more about the 1:1 sessions here.


Products for Entrepreneurs


entre_homestudy This kit supports Female Entrepreneurs who want to build Sustainable Business Success with Pleasure. It contains powerful tools for working smarter, not harder, ancient secret yoga exercises and powerful mantras for opening up to an abundance of creativity and prosperity, aswell as shortcuts to ”download” great ideas, find your target group, inventing great products, build a business that answers your true calling and create sustainable success with pleasure. The kit is currently ony available in Danish.Read more about the Home Study Kit here.
2_entrepreneur Entrepreneurial Feminine Leadership Mentorprogram This 12 month program is for female entrepreneurs who want max support and customized business advise. Participants get several individual sessions with international top experts as part of the program, plus ongoing mentoring, inspiration from role models, networking sessions, daily support to stay on track as well as a more thorough guide to using the homestudy kit, which is part of the program.Read more about the Mentorprogram here.
indivisession Want individual laser coaching on your business vision, including a step-by-step guide to realizing it with pleasure? Then you can get a ton of inspiration, not to talk about network contacts by booking an individual session with Kirsten. ”It´s genius!”  said one recent mentee. Read more about 1:1 sessions here.
 5_circles Feminine Business Masterminding 2013-14 (in Danish). We meet to help each other grow our entrepreneurial ideas and businesses and to do exercises that free us from blocks and give us access to our genius and to abundance on all levels.Read more about Feminine Business Mastermind Network here.


Products for Individuals


Candidate FREE Mini video course in 12 episodes on Feminine Leadership. Signup for the FREE course in Danish here.
Signup for the FREE course in English here.
6_homestudy The Feminine Leadership Online Lounge: Monthly home-study program on Feminine Leadership for individuals who are looking for an all around upgrade of their lives at home, at work and in the world. Every month, you get a new digital workshop on Tool of the Month, complete with powerful and highly effective yoga-exercises and visualizations to help you implement the tool. You also become part of a closed Facebook group with a network of people going through the same transformational proces. Currently this product only exists in Danish. Read more about Feminine Leadership Lounge here.
6_homestudy The Feminine Curriculum I is a home study kit providing women with a Feminine Foundation with vital information such as the anatomy of the female brain, and how to use it´s power, the genius of the hormonal system etc. It consists of 12 workshops, including powerful exercises to implement the tools. The response to this program has been overwhelming with women reporting about profound transformations. The product is currently only available in Danish. Read more about The Feminine Curriculum I here. Both online programs mentioned here will be available in English in 2015.


women_shadow Feminine Leadership Certification Training. This is one of our signature programs, which has existed in various forms for 10 years. It consists of a 9 month comprehensive proces where women get both a professional and private all around upgrade, resulting in the title Feminine Frontrunner, Mentor and Facilitator. Next program starts in spring 2014 and is in English. Read more about The Feminine Leadership Certification Training in Danish here. Read more about The Feminine Leadership Certification Training in English here.
5_circles The Feminine Leadership Certification training qualifies women to start Feminine Leadership Circles in their local area. Read more about Feminine Leadership Circles in Danish here.
7_session If you have forgotten your Greatness, give Kirsten a call. She has a laser-eye for genius and can remind you of your talents, uniqueness and why the world needs you. She can also give you an healing and uplifting perspective on just about any situation, being like the Greek Goddess Persephone, who has dealt with both successes and tragedies in her own life and walked through it, now stronger than ever before. Read more about 1:1 sessions here.
5_circles Kirstens Goddess-circle 2013-2014 (In Danish). We meet monthly to help each other discover and develop the “Divine Feminine”.Read more about Kirstens Gudinde Cirkel here



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