About Kirsten Stendevad

Hi, my name is Kirsten Stendevad. Danish Cosmopolitan based in Copenhagen. (Co-)Author of 5 trendsetting, bestselling books on new paradigms in life and business. Married mother of three. Entrepreneur, Pioneeress, Public Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Feminine Leadership mentor.

Welcome to Be Xtraordinary Now, your premiere destination for the tools you need to take yourself and your company from Great to Xtraordinary.

Whether you are a corporate executive looking to boost your results and your team’s, an ambitious entrepreneur, or an individual with higher aspirations, my team and I can show you how to excel inside-´n-out, with grace and pleasure.

Our speciality? Bringing the best of American transformational practices, and combining them with proven age-old Eastern wisdom, and Scandinavia’s progressive ingenuity.


We’ve done it, time and time again, with thousands of people starting in New York City where our story began, and then all over Scandinavia.

And now, we’d like to do it with you.

If that resonates with you, welcome.

Make yourself at home, and explore the options below.

If you wish to contact us, please write to info@kirsteninternational.com.

Call us at + 45 31 32 65 64.

To making Xtraordinary the new ordinary,


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