Kirsten is the (co-)author of five bestselling books.


The books are currently only available in Scandinavian languages, but some are on their way in English.

den-nye-familie The New Family (New Nordic Publishing House 2002): An anthology about innovative ways of living, working and creating work-life balance in the 21st Century. Kirsten wrote about The Art of solving allmost all problems through Networking.
SL_BOG_7348 (Nyt Nordisk Publishing House 2003): A book co-written with 4 female colleagues, setting the mega-trend of simplification in motion in Scandinavia. The book became a huge bestseller and started a movement of people re-organising their lives to have more integrity with their core values. Kirsten wrote about how to simplify your work-life and about how to simplify your financial situation.
Moderskabsbog Motherhood as a Career-booster – How to have a whole life for women who have children, are pregnant or consider becoming it (Aschehoug Publishing House 2004): When Kirsten got pregnant with her first child, she was looking for role-models who mastered the art of integrating work and family with pleasure. She discovered that some of the most effective, visionary and innovative female career women credited their kids for having taught them everything they needed to succeed. Kirsten interviewed about 200 women of all kinds of nationalities, careers and cultures and wrote a manual for mothers-to-be and mothers who want to have it all.
Den_nye_karrierefar The New Career Dad: How to become a better Leader, Father & Spouse in one go (Aschehoug Publishing House, 2005).When Kirsten had her second child, she co-wrote this book, aimed at ambitious career-dads, together with her husband Esben Kjær, who is a Danish writer, columnist, journalist and radiohost. The book teaches men how their children and family life provides the most effective and least expensive leadership training on Earth.
Millionøsemetoden The Millionairess Method (Politikens Publishing House 2008): When Kirsten had conducted her Feminine Laboratory, The Goddess School, for five years, she had seen hundreds of women get more intuitive, more creative and more innovative with the simple mindsets, practices, techniques and tools. So she decided that the next natural step would be for women to learn to make a living out of their ideas, and to create sustainable businesses. She co-founded the Millionairess School, and co-wrote a best-selling book for women about how to have more time and more money. The book created a whole new wave of feminine entrepreneurs in Denmark.
corporateb From Great to Xtraordinary. (Gyldendal Business Publishing House, 2014) Kirstens next book for the most prestigeous Danish business publishing house describes the next paradigm of Leadership for both men and women, at home, at work and in the world. Stay on the newsletter for updates and free excerpts. Get a free taste in Kirstens free video series for women who want to be Xtraordinary.







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