Leadership Circles

Kirsten has invented a unique concept that can be used in both private and corporate settings.

The idea is that we invite women who has taken our certification training in Feminine Leadership to lead circles of other women, thereby spreading some of the good news to more women, who are not yet ready to take a full, in-depth feminine leadership training. This way, the circle leader can help build local communites of empowered women who are aaware of the new paradigms of “The Feminine Century” as the 21st century has been named.

We provide the circle leader with mentor-training and a mentoring-manual.

And we provide all participants in the circle with digital learning material that can be enjoyed at home or on the run. The digital material contents both material for the mind, body and spirit, and serves as a preparation for the network meetings that are dedicated to reflection, uplifting exchanges and simple exercises.

If you are interested in more information, please read on in the section you identify with:

corporate or individual.

There is something quite magic about a circle with 12 women in it, all respecting the mutual agreements and all dedicated to uplift and empower each other.

I have seen hundreds and hundreds of women elevate themselves from Great to Xtraordinary through my leadership circles over the past 10 years.

It´s a pleasure and an honot to share a tested-and proven concept that just works!


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