Kirsten Stendevad has lectured for corporations such as Lycos, Microsoft, Accenture, Nokia, GlaxoSmithKline, McKinsey & co., Danish Bank (Danske Bank), Nordea, AIG Insurance Groups on Wall Street etc. and organizations such as Confex, Technological Institute, Institute for Futures Studies, Managers and Executives, The National Dental Association, Business women Ass. etc.

She has given workshops at Harvard Business School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and City University of New York. She has also guest lectured for MBA students in Boston (Simmons Graduate School of Business).

Kirsten has given talks at international conferences such as Balansejakten in Stockholm and WIN in Rome.

She has held numerous workshops for private networks and public institutions.

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“You got by far the highest evaluation: 5-figures from all participants on a scale of 1-5: Well done.”

David Madié, Startup Company

“I would like to say that Kirsten Stendevad masters the art of keeping her audience attentive. She is great at what she does. She worked perfectly as the impetus I needed for my own talk, and I know that we have received a number of positive responses from the audience – even if she had a little provocative approach (but this was what she was asked to :-)) All in all, we can only be happy. We got what we expected – and then some. “

Gunnar Langemark, Computer CAMP a · s

“She ́s passionate about her themes and carries a deep, inner enthusiastic fire, which leaves everyone inspired and enlivened. She has an enthusiasm for life and its possibilities, that you rarely meet. Such a thing we could use more of as a nation – but Kirsten Stendevad makes it up for many, with her unique personality and loving impact.”

Ranvita la Cour, HappyLiving.dk

“Kirsten is knowledgeable, attentive, curious and cheerful. She can allways be counted on for delivering surprises and peculiarities. This creates a good atmosphere where there is room for participants. Kirsten is a natural authority, who directs the conversation forward without limiting or dominating it. “

Karen Lumholt, Consumer Information (Economy and Business)

“Kirsten Stendevad is a highly skilled facilitator and speaker. She is always well prepared, clear-headed and captivating with her dedication and strong voice. I also experience Kirsten’s professionalism in her ability to talk not only to, but rather with her audience in a lively, present and inspiring way. My warmest recommendations.”

Karen Widding, Widding-Christie-Consult

“Kirsten Stendevad is an exceptionally inspiring and illuminating woman and speaker. She has a rare ability to see past the obstacles many of us let ourselves be stopped by, and she contaminates us with her enthusiasm for new thoughts and ideas. She is allways on the cutting edge of developments in networking, women’s issues and emerging trends, including spiritual insights.”

Anne Christine Petersen, Author, innovative teacher of consciousness and communication, Essential Life

“Kirsten Stendevad is an inspiring, personal and incredibly articulate speaker who is able to give her audience something to take home. If you listen closely, Kirsten can change your life.”

Lise Leonhard Hjorth, CEO. Inq

“I thought I would tell you that I think it was a wonderful talk you gave. You know a lot about the subject, you get generalities to appear with weight because you can exemplify, you can engage your audience, you have a relaxed style (unstressed!) and there is insight into your statements. It’s just a pleasure, I hope it will be possible to engage you again! I have received the first 6 evaluations. On a scale of 1-4 where 4 is the best you’ve got 5 x 4 and 1 x 5 (!). So it could not be better.”

Paul Lysholdt Rasmussen, President of IT project club Copenhagen

“We just evaluated the day and everyone who attended your super workshop agreed
that it was the best one of the day and that it should be mandatory for everyone to
hear what you said. Fantastic. Those who didn ́t attend it were really sorry that they
missed out, so we would like to hire you again.”

Morten Boel Sigurdsson, CEO Omada


Dette er en tom plads holder, så Kirstens billede ikke ligger hen over nederste “widget”Den skal være 3Linier!

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